Things Money Can Buy

We like product. Whether we can afford to purchase them or not. Welcome to our materialistic obsessions as sempiternal window shoppers and on-occasion consumers. Clothes, footwear, accessories, print, gadgets, stationery – if it’s attainable, someone’s likely on the hunt for it and we’re just here to help. Quoddy Boat Moccasin Skookum Varsity Jacket A Vontade Corduroy Jeans Dana Lee Easy Shirt Navy Puff Puff Pass Ashtray Field Bookends Suicoke Sandal Supreme Inflatable Raft Shuron Sidewinder Fade Steven Alan Single Needle Shirt Aspesi Carhartt Vans Syndicate Era (3M Tab Pack) Viberg Latigo Roughout Navy J Press Money Clip Freeman Grey Pocket Tee Faribault Mills Box Weave Throw Navy Plants and greenery styled just like a fashion magazine! x Crisp and classic 501 done in white A good alternative to Common Projects, they work well with any cut of pants and the all white color adds the perfect cleanliness to any summer outfit.,default,pd.html?dwvar_47213_color=1275#prefn1=brand&prefv1=Wilfred&start=18 The perfect summer tee, a different approach to the classic white cotton crew neck; Polished, casual all in one. Made from Italian cotton. This standard frame shape compliments any face and comes in black and tortoise. The album of the summer in my opinion, a combination of moods in one great CD from one of the best duo’s in nu disco and smooth electro. My favorite silhouette for a pant, done in a shade of gray which is not so typical for women’s denim. My new favorite shade for this season. The powder blue is done in a tailored tee, easy to dress up or down. An easy bra with an asymmetrical accent. Comes in a comfortable micro modal, wear it to the gym or to a nice dinner! The balance of traditional home goods such as this Japanese pottery mixed with modern touches creates a nice aesthetic of timelessness. It’s harder than you think to find the perfect desk lamp. This one is simple yet stylish and will add a personal touch to any plain desk. A cute and fun mattress for nap or reading time! One of my favorite up and coming Designers, Yara from Nomia NYC created her own rendition of a basketball short, done in a Japanese polyester and made in NY. I love the all white ones for myself! The perfect leather tote with unique raw edge detail along the top. Great if you are carrying around books and a laptop everyday!


What a Croc

Give me a chance to explain myself before you take away any sort of credibility. I know when most people think of Crocs they think of those clunky sandals with the all over hole pattern. Fair enough seeing as how the same thought passes through my mind at the idea of the Crocs brand. The same thought has probably resonated in their creative department for some time and has forced them to really think outside of the box. Out of all the designs that they’ve come up with, I can honestly say that I would rock these on a nice hot day. Having seen them in person here at a Crocs shop in Boracay, I can vouch for the quality of build that they’ve been known for over the last 10 years of production.


Shell Cordovan Leather NATO Watch Straps

In need of some fresh wrist material? If you want to give your current timepiece the ultra upgrade look no further than these variations of Shell Cordovan Leather NATO watch straps produced by Horween, disputably the finest American leather operation for the last century. Available in 18-24mm widths, these NATO straps made for Leffot NYC are the perfect attire for all-occasion wear and will only grow fonder with age. Slick enough to slip onto your father’s cherished hand-me-down timepiece but also easy to pair with a simple, standard military watch.


Headhunting: 5 Ball Caps by Ebbets Field Flannels

“Touch ‘em all, Joe!” Do you remember where you were when Joe Carter hit a three-run walk-off home run in the ninth inning of game 6 in ’93 to beat the Phillies and take the World Series? I was sitting on my father’s knee in our living room, my hands were clasped into tiny little fists and as we watched Joe take that swing and jump into the air towards first base, I let out a sigh of relief. Not a scream, but a sigh of contentment. The same thing happens every time I see a new Ebbets Field Flannels collaboration. EFF isn’t necessarily an innovator, but they are steadfast preservers of authentic moments in baseball history and true to the game manufacturers. When my limited-edition Blue Jays cap came in the mail I wore it every single day for the rest of the off-season. With the 2013 season quickly approaching I’ve rounded up my favorite Ebbets Field Flannel baseball cap collaborations. Join me on this re-cap, won’t you?


Workwear by Filson

Filson Filson Filson. I don’t think I’ll ever kick my habit of wanting to purchase everything Filson, Lord knows I don’t want to. From a mula stand point I should be concerned, but I’ll worry about that later. With that being said, I’ve picked out a few things from their Workwear collection that I can honestly see myself wearing/using in the field. Since 1897, Filson has been constructing a legacy of quality workwear for men and women that not only stand up to the challenge, but look good at the same time.


Wardrobe Functions: Spring Denims

My denim senses are tingling and I see a pleasant bleached out surprise happening this Spring in some great cuts. More and more brands have created their own (re)iterations of a washed out denim jean. As much as I like breaking in a pair of crispy indigo raws, the comfort of a washed jean in the spring-summertime is unmatched. Truthfully, it’s a little unorthodox and I’m probably an anomaly but I actually like bleached wash

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> raw. In other words, I’m the laziest denim wearer in the world because i don’t to go through the toil of wearing in my jeans.


Supreme: Schminx Coaches Jacket

Shoot me now. Yes I am writing about a Supreme jacket you have been seeing all over the internet since yesterday. So what. And no I haven’t been down with the brand since 1994, because back then I was 7 or 8 years old and into nothing but TMNT action figures, movies, gear, etc. But I’ve been down since I’ve been down. People who used to like Supreme and now hate it, or people who hate it because too many people like it, OR people who hate people who like Supreme…need to kick rocks. And by that I mean drop dead. I’m not a line-up overnight, die-hard kind of person but I can appreciate the appeal of a simple, nice looking piece when I see one. Rant over…go look at the jacket now.


House of Paa: Ball Cap

The quintessential ball cap. This is how we like it branding, no nothing. Just great looking fabrics, nicely shaped cap and of course, made in the US of A. House of Paa is the name of these New York-based newcomers who vow to craft nothing but classic-inspired sportswear accessories. They launched just a few short hours ago and only have this trio of baseball caps available on their webshop. I’d say it’s a great start…


Arc’teryx Veilance: Isogon Hooded Jacket

This is what you call taking names and deading the game. Arc’teryx is everyone’s favourite global technical outerwear company that is based just minutes away from us here in Vancouver. Their Veilance collection continues to be received with open arms by hardcore climate junkies and the fashion-inclined alike. The collection in particular puts a focus on design, materials, construction, aesthetic, function, wearability, progressive methods and elemental protection. This is its purpose and no one can attest to a lack thereof. Spring-Summer’s 2013 collection continues to look as strong as ever and the new variations of the Isogon Jacket have caught my attention.