Wake & Beats Sept-Oct ’13

It’s double trouble this month with two original090-602 beats on the menu for you! I had to stop by Zulu Records on 1972 West 4th ave for a few pieces to sample. As one of the finest record shops in the city there is always quality vinyl in a large quantity. Felt like I entered in Willie Wonka’s vinyl factory, from left to right and from the ground up. I was digging forMB7-223 about 3 hours or so and finally picked up a Carly Simon LP and sampled ‘You Belong to Me’. Enjoy the two-beat special!



Wake & Beats Monthly – 07/13

Ahhh, how ya feeling out there? It’s been long minute but the first W&B spread of the month has landed! Another summer and another beat. For the new look on W&B, I’ll be visiting and posting different vinyl record locations in Vancouver. Oftentimes purchasing one of their vinyls and crafting a beat out of it.

This month, I made a trip down to Neptoon Records on 3561 Main St. The vinyls are displayed from wall to wall, always well organized and cleanly stacked. The staff is friendly and truly know their stuff. Aside from records, they also sell CD’s, music memorabilia and some nice vintage concert posters.

I picked up this vinyl called POWER / Rock… “Direct-To-Disc”. Didn’t know what the hell it was but the cover looked cool. Had that old school angle art design. Didn’t like track 1 so skipped to track 2 “Superstar” by Leon Russell. An incredible, overlooked gem. You hear this trippy synth at the start and then when the beat drops – so good. I discovered that this was

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the instrumental for “Superstar” by the Carpenters. Some say that this track was actually called “Groupie/Superstar”. Should’ve stayed with “Groupie” in my opinion. I believe Delaney and Bonnie Bramlett, Leon Russell, Eric Clapton are responsible for this track. Have a listen to the original and my version of the beat.

Original Sample:

My Version:

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Ghettotek Mondays: Wake & Beats no.116

Wake up people, it’s a good morning. Wake & Beats is here for no.116. I sampled Deborah Cox’s All Over Me. The beat reminds of some R&B, hip-hop mash-up. Anyway, enjoy it and enjoy the rest of the week. Peace be with ya. FULL STORY


Ghettotek Mondays: Wake & Beats no.115

CAUTION: Ears may explode upon listening to this beat. This week’s W&B, no.115 I wanted to go with a heavier sound. Found that phat bass line, used a violin sample from Cano – Ryshnychok and the synth from Gladiator VST. Check more in the cut for the sample and the beat. If you noticed, sorry for the short hiatus, please bump the beat and have a good week. Peace!




Hello Tuesday. Wake & Beats is here, albeit a little late. Whipped out T-Connection’s, “Heaven In Your Eyes” sample for this week’s edition. Please enjoy, hit play, click for more info and I’m out. Peace!



Ghettotek Mondays: Wake & Beats no.113

Good morning. Hope ya’ll enjoyed the weekend! This week’s W&B I collaborated with Tre Eiht Special, a producer from Queens, NY. I actually heard his beat at the PROERA & Joey Bada$$ show in Vancouver (The Renaissance by Joey Bada$$ and Ala Sole). Then immediately went on soundcloud when I got home, reached out and the rest is history! Enjoy the beat and click to read more about Tre and the sample we utilized. Peace!



Ghettotek Mondays: Wake & Beats no.112

Space boogie. Wake & Beats No.112 is in flight. I got another one for ya’ll. Sampled some chops and meshed it with an r&b melody. Also make sure you tune in next week for W&B No.113. Added a new W&B guest member to post up beats with me. Hit play and bounce! Peace be with you.



Ghettotek Mondays: Wake & Beats no.111

Reflection. Hope ya’ll enjoyed the long weekend or your time & a half shifts. Time to take a break and meditate. This week’s W&B no.111 captures the perfect eerie beat to take your mind into a deep chill state. Again I used the Gladiator – Tone2 VST plugin. Just synths and that hiphop drum loop. Hit the jay and press play! Peez.



Ghettotek Mondays: Wake & Beats no.110

Ooo LALA! Found this gem by Oscar Peterson, titled Dreamsville. No synths today just real instrument sounds. Wanted to catch that old school vibe on this week’s W&B no.110. Also added Jay’s acapella from Mya’s Best of Me track to give it some steez. Now hit play, take a hit and enjoy the week.