Night in the Life at Red Bull Music Academy

RED BULL MUSIC ACADEMY. You’ve seen us speak plenty about this esteemed institution of higher musical learning, mostly about their popular guest lectures with some of our favourite artists in the industry. This Autumn, RBMA’s world-travelling series of music workshops and festivals is taking 60 lucky “students” to the mecca of it all, New York City. In two two-week sessions the selected talent pools are enclosed in a creative force field amongst fellow musicians, engineers, songwriters, vocalists, producers, DJs…you get the picture.

The info session in Vancouver held on March 3rd, played out like a “day in the life” at RBMA. Distinguished host mymanhenri and recent 2011 graduate, Exeter, broke the details of the Academy down to the attending congregation at Open Studios. The info session was then followed by a lecture + after-party featuring Martyn & Egyptrixx.



RBMA Lecture: Ali Shaheed Muhammad (A Tribe Called Quest) & Maseo (De La Soul)

Red Bull Music Academy does it again with their latest lectures featuring members of legendary hip hop groups, A Tribe Called Quest and De La Soul. The lectures were held as part of Boombox’s 5th annual celebration of the life and music of J Dilla in Los Angeles. The first video is with Ali Shaheed Muhammad of ATCQ and Lucy Pearl fame and the second video is with Maseo of De La Soul, both hosted by Cognito. They’re both over an hour long so sit back, relax and find out more about the history of two of the most influential groups in hip hop.


Red Bull Music Academy: Vancouver Session

Calling all vocalists, producers, musicians, instrumentalists and DJs to be a part of one of the most distinguished musical institutes in our culture today, the Red Bull Music Academy. You’ve seen us expressing our admiration for the organization and now they’re offering you the opportunity to apply and join their inner circle. Partake in five weeks’ worth of workshops, lectures, concerts, club nights, and all-round music exploration held in one unique city, soaking in its diverse cultural and musical legacies. You will not want to miss out because the Academy’s 2012 edition will be held in New York City.

RBMA’s Vancouver chapter will be holding an information session next week, Saturday March 3rd, where you will have all your questions about the Academy and the application process answered. Your guest lecturers on that day are Dutch electronic producer Martyn and Toronto‚Äôs own celestial beat-maker, Egyptrixx, hosted by mymanhenri. The session will give you a taste of a day in the life of Red Bull Music Academy.

Date: Saturday March 03, 2012
Time: 19:00
Venue: Open Studios, 252 First East Ave, Vancouver, BC
Web: and HERE

More information in the cut.


RBMA Lecture: Stretch Armstrong and Bobbito Garcia

The greatest hip hop radio show of all time…that no one in our generation was able to fully experience. It’s quite sad that all we got to hear were old audio clips, youtube clips and old wives’ tales about these two iconic radio personalities. If you’re a fan of the music and you’ve never heard the names Stretch or Bobbito then you may want to kick yourself for missing out on some integral pieces in the storied era of 90′s hip hop. Quick rundown: these dudes operated no different than your average college radio DJ’s rocking every Thursday night. The difference? They became notorious for breaking records in the right place at the right time (New York circa 1990-1998) and getting every independent/major label artist hoping to get on their show. RBMA’s Chairman Mao sat down with the pioneering duo in San Francisco for yet another incredible lecture.



Red Bull Music Academy Lecture (Madrid 2011): Mannie Fresh

If you’ve listened to any music from the South in the last 15 years then you’re probably familiar with the work of Mannie Fresh. A New Orleans hip hop pioneer, who’s produced for Lil Wayne, Big Tymers, Juvenile, T.I. & Rick Ross among others. In this lecture, hosted by Cocaineblunts’ Andrew Noz, he touches on everything from his humble beginnings with local MC, Gregory D, to the Cash Money heydays, and his more recent approach to DJing and production. Full 2 hours in the cut!


Red Bull Music Academy Lecture (Madrid 2011): DOOM

Hip hop’s last enigma sits down on the Academy couch to break down the message behind the mask, rap beef behind his different personas, and why good things come to those who wait. Full hour and a half in the cut.



Jay Electronica Lecture at Red Bull Music Academy