Google Fred Updates – What’s Been Going On with All the SERP Jumps


There’s been a tremendous amount of fluctuation on the SERPs over the past few months. It’s due to the dozens of tiny algo updates from Google that people are calling “Fred”. A few notes:

  • Google’s been punishing folks with heavy, low value content and heavy ad placement (seoroundtable)
  • Fred is probably focused around user experience (seotheory)
  • If your site has a lot of cheap content and a high bounce rate you should see further decreases

Check out Accuranker’s Grump rating. That steady increase is a sure sign that Google is knocking out these low quality content sites and it isn’t a fad. Past Google updates hit some websites hard and then everything went back to normal. This increase of “Google grumpiness” tells me that it’s about a long term concerted effort to find the right content for people, which is a good thing for the internet. A bad thing if you’re just churning stuff out.

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