Coming Soon to Adwords

Search Engine Land just broke down some of what Google’s planning in this year:

  1. In-market audiences for PPC. It’s how you currently dice up audiences to target in Display network and Youtube. There’ll be custom in-market audiences you can build these using keywords. This is going to be completely awesome and save people quite a bit of budget. I can see if working really well for luxury clients or high end products or services to distinguish whether your searcher can afford a luxury vacation or a cheap one.
  2. Life event targeting. Facebook currently gives you this information in their ad platform. It’ll be nice to select “buying a new house” segment
  3. Better ad optimization. Adwords is going to predict a user’s intent and show them the best ad based on what they think.
  4. Google Attribution. It’s a new product they’re rolling out that offers a more in-depth analysis of all marketing channels.

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