What is Local SEO?

It’s a branch of search engine optimization that is focused on optimizing your ranking for a geographically specific area. For example, if you’re Facebook it doesn’t matter which region you want to rank for the keywords “social network”. If you’re a restaurant, it’s very different. You’ll only really care¬†about the organic search engine ranking in that city or neighbourhood.

Who Should Do Local SEO?

Any business that services locally. And certainly not just brick and mortar stores, but professional services. There’s a lot more trust in a service that is close to you. There’s a sense of understanding and convenience if your accountant is nearby.

How Do You Do It?

SEO isn’t an exact science, and no two project are the same. That’s to say there’s not a perfect playbook out there for Local SEO because a law office¬†in Toronto is going to have different competition and opportunities than a plumber in Vancouver.

A few big factors so Local SEO are:

  • Local citations. Any local directory or site that features your address and is used to provide users with services in their city or neighbourhood
  • Local links. There’s a ton of ways to get links but if you are focused on a geographically specific region, the external links pointing to your website will be 100 times more effective if they are understood as local
  • On page signals. Simply stating where your business is. The address and local phone number are a big help.
  • Local reviews. If your Google Business or Yelp listing has a ton of reviews, it’s a pretty good sign to Google that you’re reputable in that piece of the world
  • Social media. Your content, followers and overall activity is a sure way of seeing where you are and how important you are to that place.

Without going overboard or into too much detail, those are the big 5 factors.