Editor’s Note: Dear Summer (Sept-Oct ’13)

Pardon the tardiness. We chose to end off our summer season with a bang, as we did some traveling over the border on the left coast of the continent. We tried to chase the sun as far as we could, but as is the cycle of all good things, that hunt came to a temporary halt. Brooding skies and rainy flashes have caught up to our sun-filled, marathon-like stride. Thankfully for you, in exchange for our extended semi-holiday we were able to

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gather up a few extra special features that will be occupying our digital pages in a conjoined September-October 2013 issue. That along with some new pieces by our writers and creators as well as some leftovers that we had waiting in the vaults.

Please direct your cursor to exhibit A at the bottom right of your screen. Hover over the long bar and click to the next story!

Best regards,

Justin Lintag
Co-Founder & Chief Editor


Editor’s Note: Window Seat (August ’13)

Boy oh boy, it’s been pretty hasn’t it? We hope it’s been just as pretty on your side of the world. For us, August arrived and proceeded on the strength of how July ended – pure summer and irie vibes. We have been consuming all that the season has had to offer, enjoying the brighter side of things, relishing each other’s company and taking trips out of the city away from the general chaos of urban life. Unless you’re a machine, I don’t think there’s anyone out here that can truly say they like living by that “no days off” mentality. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for work but there’s a point where “never not working” becomes completely unproductive and uninspired.

With that said, let’s get into our August issue. When in doubt, meld work and pleasure together. We’re covering some of the new (and old) spaces, places and faces that we have been meaning to properly visit and bring to the foreground. Field trips within the city, some abroad and of course we’ve gone out to see some noteworthy individuals who will serve as our Feature pieces this month. I won’t spill beans, but it’s all showing up on your screen throughout the rest of August so be sure to keep it locked. Then after that it’s on to the next. Our (and hopefully your) next trip is just right around the corner, don’t forget to take the window seat on the way there.

Best regards,

Justin Lintag
Co-Founder & Chief Editor

P.S. Don’t forget to follow our daily circulation of content, EDITOR’S DAILY, for the stream of stories, images and miscellaneous items that we see, hear and read everyday.


Editor’s Note: Renewed Horizon (July ’13)

Well, here we are. I hope we didn’t keep you waiting for too long. If you look at the handsome new space around you, you might notice that our digital navigation has been downsized to only a few key sectors. Categories intact, we are now operating on two styles of platforms – our main focus has shaped up to be our monthly issue comprised of several features, stories, spreads, mixes and think pieces, while our daily format enjoys a simpler makeover solely run (for the most part) by yours truly.

So is this our last phase in developing? Never say never. Perhaps you’ll see transformations tomorrow, next week, next month or none of the above, but rest assured our quality of intent is always steered towards creating an experience for our reader that is pleasant in all possible forms. Our ongoing challenge on a day to day basis is the pace we set for ourselves. Despite being the close-knit team that we are, there is no universal pace to keep up with as much as we’d like to hope so.

But as I said, here we are – together sharing our latest body of work with you who wish to be entertained, inspired, enticed and enlightened. We hope you like our slightly new direction and the renovations that our extraordinary team have built from the ground up. Questions, comments and two-way communication are always welcome.

Best regards,

Justin Lintag
Co-Founder & Chief Editor


Editor’s Note: Quality/Quantity

Alas, apologies for the lack of content lately. We’re not slipping, oh no! We’ve just been behind the scenes, going through meetings, racking our brains and pouring new concrete over our old foundation. There are downsides to being stubborn perfectionists, the major cons being dissatisfaction and nitpicking. Those two things can be your worst enemy when there are boatloads of things lined up to do, with a lurking hourglass full of sand on your shoulders. Thankfully, we are still in control, creatively and mentally, and we just need some elbow grease as

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well as your cooperative patience to give you what you expect. So while we take some time to slow our digital game down a gear to stress over the minor stuff – please sit back, relax, hang out and hang tight. Quality over quantity and never the opposite. Back in a jiff, faster than you can say Divided Attention Media Group Incorporated…!

All the best,

Justin Lintag
Co-Founder & Chief Editor


Editor’s Note: Spring Showers

We’ll keep this season’s note as moderately short and succinct as possible. We’re two weeks into April and the Spring season seems like it’s so desperately trying to find its bearings. Perhaps that’s just the natural

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course of a transitional period like this. At any given moment, in our city at least, you might get an awful downpour of torrential rain; cats, dogs and beavers included. Then moments later, awe-inspiring flashes of sun followed by blossoms, chirping birds and double rainbows. A scene that’s few and far between at this time of the year, but one we’ve seen before that makes us infinitely ecstatic that it has arrived – immediately energized by its reproductive function and regenerative qualities.

The universe may have allowed you a previous winter season reserved for rumination, but at every vernal equinox, nature gives you that subtle tug on the sleeve urging a revival out of hibernation. April showers are oftentimes a nuisance to your daily routines, but we hope you can take the rainy days for what they’re worth. A chance to wash out the excuses you had before this season and an assurance that restorative Spring days are ahead. The means only justifies the end.

So, in short…Get up. Get out. Make something. Eradicate excuses. Master your skills. Learn a new one. Join a class. Follow your gut. Explore the city. Break the law. Break it down. Take a hike. Take a road trip. Go it alone. Go with friends. Dance in the rain. Plant a seed. Clean your room. Find a hobby. Take it easy. Talk to strangers. Finish a novel. Watch a foreign film. Buy some vinyl. Write a list. Eat something different. Take your vitamins. Help the homeless. Quit your whining. Calculate the risks. Wake up. Smell the roses. Suck it up. Dive in. Give in. Move on. Man up. Execute. Execute. Execute that new idea you were brooding on so hard in your New Year’s resolution.

Whatever you do, do yourself a favour and don’t be April’s fool.


Justin Lintag
Co-Founder & Chief Editor


TheHUE 2013: About Us & Our Staff

Please queue

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up track #10 off Jay-Z’s Black Album…

We told you last month that we are on the way to making a turn for the greater. Just a few short days ago, we celebrated our third year in this digital space called The Hue. Now it’s time for us to start off a new chapter and take advantage of some new opportunities that have been presented to us. Before we get the wheels moving and the butter churning, we take a timeout from our regularly scheduled programming to acquaint you with our intents and purposes in 2013, plus (re)introduce you to some of the mean mugs and smiley faces behind our names and our posts.

Follow me for a brief moment to our About Us section.


Editor’s Note | The Learning Curve

I’m not sure about you, but from time to time there is a looming question that resurfaces in our heads and bounces around berating the back of our brains: Am I progressing at the rate I hope to and if not how do I accelerate the speed of my personal learning curve? The drive is there, the desire is there, the work ethic is seemingly there but is there an end to my means? You may exert so much energy into something expecting a timely and successful outcome but more often than not, it doesn’t pan out that way or the way you imagined. The truth is, everyone advances at different speeds and moves on different wavelengths. The rate at which you progress is unimportant, the importance lies in the progression itself and your tireless efforts to do so.

The ones that are great have nearly no concept of time. Mastery loves diligence and so they plug and plug away until the light comes on. What’s always necessary is a healthy diet of repetition and an understanding that mental and tangible growth does not come in equally laid out steps. Rather it

materializes when the work you put in has accumulated enough substance and experience to take that next step. Don’t force it. That “it” is applicable to whatever end you have in your sights. As long as you always attach your practices to the end goal, “it” will inevitably come to fruition. To all of my fellow late-bloomers, I encourage you to trust the divine design and let these things come to you with experience. Do not be fooled. Speed is not always a factor.

Maybe I’m not qualified to dish out any words of advice, but if I was to lend some considerations for the new year it would be to ignore the outside chatter, the trends, the popular, the obvious, the now. Quit trying to keep up with the Jones’ or the people who are making a lane of their own. Instead set your own pace, at your own speed and see how far that gets you in 2013. As for us, we’re edging closer and closer to staking claim on our niche. We’re turning the corner on the learning curve and we hope you are too, and that you do so on your own terms however long it may take.

All the best this New Year,

Justin Lintag
Co-Founder & Chief Editor


2012 Ideas

2012. We dead. Naw man..I don’t know what it is but I feel a change happening. Many countries are rioting, shady people being exposed and random objects appearing. Feels like right out of a comic book. I don’t know what exactly will happen in 2012 but we all hope for the good. Anyway here’s some video media I’ve been brain washing myself with. I’m just open-minded. The truth is blazed.


Editor’s Note: Spring Cleaning

The greatest change is that which is unseen. Welcome to what is now The HUE’s third (and likely not our last) phase of progression. You may have noticed that we have been absent, on a mini-hiatus for the last little while. To put it analogously, we were following seasonal rules and partaking in a little bit of annual spring cleaning – of mind, body and publication. The month of May has crept right up on us but thankfully we have never been more ready to get right back into the swing of things.