In My Dad’s Closet: Levi’s 501 Denim

Like father, like daughter. Whether you like it or not, it is common knowledge that we all eventually become our parents. Not by choice, but this is the path nature seems to

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take with the majority of young adults in their formative years. We adopt certain tendencies, characteristics, habits and in some cases, style. Clothing that our parents own that we may have disregarded in the past are slowly becoming popular again and we suddenly appreciate these timeless styles. My dad has a pretty extensive wardrobe; multiples of merino wool undergarments, Patagonia pullovers, Arc’teryx hard shells, and my personal favorite; the Levi 501.



More Shots from Band of Outsiders Spring 2013

Band of Outsiders set their sights on Frank Ocean for the newest Spring 2013 campaign and we couldn’t be happier about it. All of the polaroids were shot by founder and creative director Scott Sternberg in Downtown LA. Having done similar projects with actor Josh Brolin and actress Amy Adams, there’s something different and very special about these snaps of Ocean. Only a few of the shots were released over the course of last week, but you can check out all of them now.


Headhunting: 5 Ball Caps by Ebbets Field Flannels

“Touch ‘em all, Joe!” Do you remember where you were when Joe Carter hit a three-run walk-off home run in the ninth inning of game 6 in ’93 to beat the Phillies and take the World Series? I was sitting on my father’s knee in our living room, my hands were clasped into tiny little fists and as we watched Joe take that swing and jump into the air towards first base, I let out a sigh of relief. Not a scream, but a sigh of contentment. The same thing happens every time I see a new Ebbets Field Flannels collaboration. EFF isn’t necessarily an innovator, but they are steadfast preservers of authentic moments in baseball history and true to the game manufacturers. When my limited-edition Blue Jays cap came in the mail I wore it every single day for the rest of the off-season. With the 2013 season quickly approaching I’ve rounded up my favorite Ebbets Field Flannel baseball cap collaborations. Join me on this re-cap, won’t you?


Workwear by Filson

Filson Filson Filson. I don’t think I’ll ever kick my habit of wanting to purchase everything Filson, Lord knows I don’t want to. From a mula stand point I should be concerned, but I’ll worry about that later. With that being said, I’ve picked out a few things from their Workwear collection that I can honestly see myself wearing/using in the field. Since 1897, Filson has been constructing a legacy of quality workwear for men and women that not only stand up to the challenge, but look good at the same time.


Wardrobe Functions: Daily Wear

Ain’t no theme to this week’s #WardrobeFunctions. No method to the radness. This is pretty much ideal daily wear for someone like me. Always into nice light outerwear, never without a t-shirt in the Spring, prefers black over indigo raw denim and forever on the run. Comfort, functionality and subtle detail is how I’m rolling as soon as the vernal equinox arrives.


Introducing Revolutionary Red Wing® FlexForce™ Technology

Those who sport Red Wings in the field know firsthand how well their boots perform on a daily basis. For those who do not know about the goodness of a Red Wing boot, the good people who have been pumping out quality goods since 1905 are introducing new boots made with Red Wing FlexForce™ technology. Details on this new technology along with a video explaining everything you want to know about this new force of boots are on the next page. School yourself on that new new from Red Wing before you’re out of the loop indefinitely. FULL STORY


Nike Basketball: Evolving the Upper

For intelligent court junkies, the performance of a shoe takes priority over the pure aesthetics. But with that said, ball players far and wide always consider both the art and the science, form and function when choosing their hardwood kicks from season to season. For over 40 years Nike has been

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dedicated to keeping that difficult marriage alive, with much success. For retrospective purposes, Nike Inc. put together an informational feature on Nike Basketball’s footwear and the key moments in the evolution of the upper since 1972. As creators, innovators and re-inventors of the wheel every year, we must never forget to give it up to the gods of the swoosh.


Wardrobe Functions: Spring Denims

My denim senses are tingling and I see a pleasant bleached out surprise happening this Spring in some great cuts. More and more brands have created their own (re)iterations of a washed out denim jean. As much as I like breaking in a pair of crispy indigo raws, the comfort of a washed jean in the spring-summertime is unmatched. Truthfully, it’s a little unorthodox and I’m probably an anomaly but I actually like bleached wash

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> raw. In other words, I’m the laziest denim wearer in the world because i don’t to go through the toil of wearing in my jeans.


Tanner Goods: Leather Items For Your Canine

It’s a Doggy Dogg World, and Portland’s Tanner Goods knows all about that life. No one else is doing it in the canine game quite like the good folks at TG. Pet owners love their pets like their own children and usually you want to give your seeds the absolute best. Whether he knows it or not, my little guy has got three of these items on his wishlist. The collar and leash combo comes in well aging tanned leathers, while the bowls come in a durable waxed canvas. Since he’s a brindle I’m going black on brass on black on brass!