Neighbourhood Watch: Mount Pleasant

To kick off our Neighbourhood Watch series we’ve chosen the Mount Pleasant community. Offering a wide variety of restaurants, stores, and heritage buildings, there is no secret why this community’s popularity continues to grow. The area within the community spans from Cambie Street to Clark Drive and from Great Northern Way and 2nd, to 16th and Kingsway. Once known as Brewery Creek, the Mount Pleasant community has since then gone through lots of change throughout the years. Today the community is a sought after place to live and work in and will continue to be for a long time coming. Within this Mt. Pleasant series we featured some of our few must-visit locations as well as pinpoint the many go-to’s within the area. Our Mt. Pleasant Highlights below:

Papa’s Gourmet Pizza

Over the last 19 years, Papa’s Gourmet Pizza has been serving Main Street goers with quality pizza and homemade dishes. Since day one their mission statement has been all about creating everything homemade and from scratch. Along with that also comes pure and locally sourced ingredients and authentic recipes. Mix all of those things together, add in exceptional customer service and you have one of the best pizza joints in town. I get the exact same feeling when I walk into Papa’s today as I did when I was younger. Nothing has changed about who they are and what they offer their customers. They continue to pride themselves on preparing everything by hand and in a natural process.


On any given day, they offer 5 different pizzas on deck with one of them being a special that changes constantly. With over 100 specials in the bank (and counting…), you can seriously stop by everyday and have a different slice each time. And if you’re not in the mood for pizza then fear not as their menu has something for everyone. A go-to favourite of mine when I’m not in the market for a slice is their poutine with meat sauce. Imagine thick cut golden fries smothered with their homemade meat sauce and topped with freshly grated mozzarella. Absolutely killer. If that doesn’t float your boat then possibly a hearty salad or some kind of pasta can hold you down. Whatever it is you choose to have, Papa’s has you covered.

3030 Main Street
Vancouver BC | V5T 3G5 | Canada | (604) 876-5577


Dandelion Records and Emporium

Dandelion Records & Emporium has been a part of the Mt. Pleasant Community since ’06 and has been calling Main Street home for close to 5 years now. Offering their customers a huge selection of new and used vinyl records as well as a thoughtful selection of items from the Emporium side of the shop is just part of the shopping experience. Shop owners Laura and Jeff also “strive to get to know [their] customers and offer

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a personal level of service

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to each and every person who comes in the shop”. This alone sets them apart from other shop keepers. The love and passion that each of them shares in regards to what truly interests them is what really makes their world go ’round. One walk around their shop allows you to see their strong affinity for music and well crafted items. When asked about how they choose to stock their shop, Laura says that “anything that appeals to [them] on a personal level, [they] will consider carrying in the shop as long it is good quality and well-made.” Everything from great records to accessories and unique gifts such as tea, books, bags, candles, stationery and vintage items can be found at Dandelion Records and Emporium.

2442 Main Street
Vancouver, BC | V5T 3E2 | Canada | (778) 737-7367

Robson Park

Robson Park is located at 599 Kingsway and offers lots of different recreational activities for everyone of all ages. Come take a stroll through the park and admire the community gardens or just have a seat and enjoy the neighbourhood and its nature. Offering everything from ball hockey to basketball courts to playgrounds and everything in-between, Robson Park is perfect to suit all of your needs. Other facilities such as the washrooms and the field houses also make it a great park to visit.

Recreation Facilities:
Ball Hockey, Basketball Courts (x2), Field Houses (x1), Playgrounds (x1), Soccer Fields (x1), Tennis Courts (x3), Washrooms (x1), Water/Spray Parks (x1)


The Corner Store by Complex

A fresh addition to the Mount Pleasant area is The Corner Store by Complex shop at 2601 Main St. Although fresh to this block, the good dudes behind The Corner Store aren’t new to the game. After an 8 year stretch at their Complex store in Gastown, the team closed up shop

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and made a move uptown to their current location. Along with the move came a new identity and the doors to their rebranded shop opened up in March. The change in neighbourhoods allowed them to make some decisions on the products they were previously carrying. It allowed them to tailor their brands, drop some all together, and introduce products to adapt to the neighbourhood without sacrificing their street wear foundation and what they’re trying to convey. Going from a very focused and internet savvy audience to a broader group of people who just like cool stuff is something they’ve enjoyed since the move. A huge factor when rebranding their shop was the introduction of more footwear. They truly feel that they can offer a great range of shoes from Nikes to Clarks and everything else in between. By offering a wide range of footwear, top notch brands and great service, customers may not have to look any further than their neighbourhood Corner Store.

2601 Main St
Vancouver, BC | V5T 3E7 | Canada | (604) 602-1668

Refer to our map to view other pinpoints that we recommend.

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Rise Oklahoma

By now, some of us have stopped watching the news surrounding last week’s tragedy in Oklahoma, while others use it as a daily reminder of how fragile life is and something not to take for granted. In either case, the families affected stay in our prayers and we want to try to help where we can.



Five Accessories for the Everyday Cyclist

There’s no doubt that Vancouver is a city that loves its bicycles. There are too many bike routes, bike lanes, and bike-friendly neighborhoods for you not to own one if you’re living in the Vancouver city-limits. Think of the all the money you save on bus passes or gas during the summer! C’mon now, I know you don’t like shelling out almost $100 on the 1st of each month or $50 every time you need to fill your tank! Whether you’re tandem bike-riding on the seawall, couriering important documents across the downtown core or riding your single-speed up Main Street, here’s five bike accessories you shouldn’t be caught without.


Boracay Island in a flash

I miss the island. Two weeks ago I was on a shorter than average visit to the Philippines. My time was spent in the province of Aklan which is home to the tropical island of Boracay. Luckily for me, my last 5 days were dedicated to this beautiful island getaway and the sun was shining bright. Hop through a quick run down of the island and see why I got the vacay blues.



All Seeing Eye Journal #2

I took a “trip” to a part of the city that you probably see every now and then, if you’re a Vancovuer native. If not, just follow suit and post up creekside with me. I’m not much of a painter, so instead I tried to make the following images look like they are paintings. Peace, love and happiness to you.


Drugs That Make You Smarter?

I’m hearing more and more about these nootropic drugs that are said to stimulate your brain receptors, sharpen focus and give you a mental edge. Not to be confused with energy boosters, the substance is said to actually increase clarity and have you working on optimal levels of creativity and productivity through your day to day. This ain’t no paid advertisement, this is for real and something you may want to take into consideration if you find yourself burning the candle on both ends most days.


Reading Material: Popeye Magazine May 2013 Issue

In light of our upcoming trip to Hawaii, mainly the island of Oahu, I decided to pick myself up some appropriate reading material to prep my itinerary for the vacation. Japanese publication, Popeye Magazine, recently launched their Hawaiian guide for the month of May which highlights a vast agenda of things that a city dweller like me might want to experience while on the island. From food spots, shops, beaches and other extracurricular activities – when in Honolulu, do as the locals do.


Vice Magazine: B.C. Bud (Documentary)

Vice Canada just recently released this well put together short documentary about something you might’ve heard about or love if you live down here in beautiful British Columbia. No it’s not hockey, who cares about that stuff anyway? In this 3-part film you’ll learn about the industry and the culture of what we call

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B.C. Bud!


Exhaling Change Launches – Project Thankful

I think we’d all agree that expressing gratitude on

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a daily basis is something we can always improve upon. Today marks the day Vancouver collective Exhaling Change launches “Project Thankful” – a campaign which aims to bring Vancouver’s online and offline communities together, by gathering people and getting them to express gratitude for things they are thankful for. The Board of Trade (Carrall st.) in Gastown is where the project will be hosting its art installation, whom the artist is you. The project encourages you to express what you are thankful for on the wooden board and after 30 days when the piece is complete, it will be auctioned off and proceeded towards the Downtown Eastside Neighbourhood House. Additionally, as part of its digital portion of the campaign, people are encouraged to use hashtags like #todayimthankfulfor and #projectthankful for 30 days to share your gratitude with your online community.