Reading Material: It’s Nice That No. 8

It’s Nice That is a fairly young web and print publication based out of London. The ever minimalist, always vibrant print magazine focuses on championing individuals and their movements within their respective creative sectors. The disciplines they cover include, but are not limited to, topics of design, architecture, art, music, film and photography. Their most recent edition, No. 8, was released in March 2012.


Long Legged Streak Of Misery

As seen on the pages of 01 Magazine, “Long Legged Streak of Misery” exhibition opens this Friday, June 8th at East Van Studios. Curator, Mark Delong, has gathered a lineup of young contemporaries living in our city of Vancouver for a joint gallery featuring the works of Jennilee Marigomen, Seth Fluker and Ali Bosworth to name a few. This is a showing not to be missed.


WANTS: Gadgets & Gizmos

Here’s an update on some of the new gadgets that have caught our attention online. Found this 2 in 1 hammer screwdriver which would be perfect for any handyman or handywoman. A lens for your iphone that can record videos like the google camera view. I also found this mini vaporizer, which we all hope can vaporize the devil’s lettuce. More items in the cut.



Dover Street Market – Ginza

Earlier this month, the highly anticipated Dover Street Market opened their new location in the Ginza district in Tokyo. It was 2006 when the DSM had opened its first store in London, easily attracting flocks and flocks of loyal shoppers – quite possibly due to its unique fusion of fine fashion and art. Basically, you can expect equal parts department store and art museum. The DSM is conceptualized and directed by none other than Comme Des Garcons founder – Rei Kawakubo. The Ginza location makes for DSM’s second and biggest store yet, offering a shopping experience like nothing you’ve ever seen. Why not head in for a tour…

“I want to create a kind of market where various creators from various fields gather together and encounter each other in an ongoing atmosphere of beautiful chaos: the mixing up and coming together of different kindred souls who all share a strong personal vision.” -R.K.



100 Pieces of Art

Street art is like a political comic that you see in your newspaper but this time the comic is on your streets. And no, this is not your typical graffiti artist that bombs a nice piece of wall or tags their territory. This is visual graffiti. Graffiti that doesn’t hurt the public eye but makes you stop, stare and think. They have images that show social and political issues that are happening in the world today. The street artist who takes the time and the risk to send out a message to the direct public. Some just do it cause their art canvas is the streets. Some will get arrested and chased but they will still keep on drawing. They use any public area as their canvas. From bus stops to street pipes, from walls to security cameras. The artist either uses stencil drawings, murals, mosaic tiling and yarn bombing to post their creations. Again. It doesn’t matter how they made it but the message they want to put across to the public.

Enjoy these 100 photographs of street artistry. May or may not do them justice but they’re a sight to see nonetheless.


Siwa: String & Button Envelopes by Naoto Fukasawa

Do you own an iPad..or a sketchbook..or need to constantly carry around documents? Japanese designer Naoto Fukasawa has developed one of the most beautiful cases for your items. I first caught wind of these soft naoron durable paper products on OEN‘s blog, so it’s only right that I link you to their online shop where it can now be purchased. Made from wood pulp and polyolefin, this manila envelope (and a slew of other SIWA goods) is flexible, foldable, highly water-resistant and does not tear like regular paper. Explore more of SIWA and you’ll find everything from backpacks, tote bags, wallets, hats, slippers and even outerwear made out of this special fabric. An absolutely incredible line of products that have me drooling from the mouth.

Made in Japan. 34.5cm x 25cm x 3.5cm. Additional colours available.
£26 – Purchase: HERE.

Another look in the cut.


Catalog Gallery | Chris von Szombathy & Drew Shaffer: ‘Love is in the Error’

Gastown’s Catalog Gallery continues on their tear of amazing artist exhibitions month in, month out. This week marks the start of a new show by an artist we’ve been fortunate enough to connect with in the past. We interviewed Chris von Szombathy a little while back in our Cheaper Show No. 10 Warm-Up feature and now you can see some of his new work this coming Thursday. Read below:

Love is in the Error: Pathetic Solutions to Pathetic Problems is new work by the artists Chris von Szombathy & Drew Shaffer. This show of sculptural work puts forth their mutual conception that our actions are both pathetic and divine; that what is gauche is more revealing than what is graceful. Both artists’ work grows between Rococo and Pop branches and their work is proof that the exegesis of our existence is as ignored as it is apparent.



Designed By Thelermont Hupton

I love stumbling on incredible designs and then digging deeper to find out about the creatives behind the products. Case in point, the design studio of Thelermont Hupton. I can’t remember how I stumbled on their fine work but to say the least I am very inspired by what they produce and offer. What caught my attention with their products is the strong visual identity and the surprising functionality of each design.

Head over to the next page to see just a slim showing of their large catalog:



Score + Solder Terrariums

With each passing new year comes the desire to try and buy new things. For weeks I’ve been a little obsessed with these Score + Solder terrariums. Who knew horticulture could look so neat? Founder, Matt Cleland, hand-crafts each of these with glass and lead free solder. Terrarium shapes range from multiple sizes in quartz, diamonds, cubes and decahedrons. Each one also comes with a starter kit which includes rocks, sand, activated charcoal soil and a crystal. And for all of us novice green thumbs, he also provides you with instructions on how to set up this bad boy.
$110 – $360 US – Purchase: HERE and HERE.