Weekly Whereabouts: Rogue Territory Launch at Dutil | Neighbour Seasonal Party

‘Tis the season for some parties. Just a reminder on some things to attend for at the end of this week in gastown. Two opening receptions that you can check out one after the other and make a night out of it, one for the denim heads and another for design enthusiasts.


Today’s Specials by Julia Ziegler-Haynes

Today’s Specials by Julia Ziegler-Haynes is a “photographic series depicting the last meals of 24 death row inmates. Prisoners’ written requests for food were gathered from public records and meticulously re-created”. Such an interesting concept put together by Ziegler-Haynes. The question is, what would be at your last meal before sitting on the electric? For me, bacon’s got to be in there for sure.


A Documentary for Artists and Designers

Produced by Edward Tufte, Teaching To See, is a 40-minute documentary based on the work and teachings of designer, Inge Druckrey. The film chronicles her life as a graphic designer and also lends jewels of insight to aspiring and established artists and designers alike. If you are serious about your craft or are concerned with gaining new perspectives on training your eye, this is a worthwhile watch.


Useful Items from Labour and Wait

Since 2000, Labour and Wait has been a purveyor of sensible, useful, everyday household items. With a focus on timelessness, the range of products they carry have no sense of seasonal trends and with age only seem to gain more character. From hardware to soft goods and accessories, this East London establishment offers products that celebrate functional design that are simple and honest.


Weekly Whereabouts: Richard Bond at Basic Inquiry Gallery

Basic Inquiry Studio Gallery recently installed some new work by seasoned painter, Richard Bond. Bond is an artist living and painting in Vancouver, BC. Catch him in person every Saturday at Basic Inquiry until Sept 7th.


A Still Life Vol. 1 – Vancouver Souvenir

Gastown’s Old Faithful Shop just launched a new series entitled, A Still Life, on their newly designed website. They look to collaborate every so often with a chosen photographer to create interesting photo journals out and about in Vancouver incorporating goods and product carried in the shop. The first installment features well known photographer, Brian Ferry, as they take in some scenes at home and on a morning hike at Lynn Canyon. Simple, natural and beautifully shot.



How To Make A Japanese House by Cathelijne Nuijsink

Author, Cathelijne Nuijsink, recently published a 328-page paperback exploration of contemporary japanese domestic architecture. Nuijsink researches and interviews a handful of designers who are working to evolve the “traditional” japanese house by considering the dense population and limited space of the country. The results are nothing short of beautiful works of architectural form.


Outtakes With Nate VanHook of Nike Sportswear

Last week we released our latest Focus piece, The Methods of Making with Nate VanHook, Senior Footwear Designer of Nike Sportswear. The piece got a good reception so we decided to expand on a bit more of the behind the scene shots that afternoon at Nike World Campus. As they say, the journey is just as important as the end result, so here’s a little glance at not only the sneakers but a couple prototypes and items of inspiration that influenced Nate’s design process.

Follow us into The HOP for a good look.


Bentley SUV?

Hold up…a Bentley SUV? Apparently a possibility. According to the British luxury car maker and an article from fastcodesign.com, the EXP 9 F SUV from Bentley could be in the works as we speak. The concept comes strong with a heavy appearance along with the usual touches one would be equipped with. As of right now I can’t say I’m 100% on this concept just yet but I can see it growing on me.