Reading Material: Day Job Magazine Issue #1

Yes, I am recommending a piece of reading material that features none other than a Catholic friar on its front cover. How controversial can we get over here? Day Job Magazine is one of my new favourite publications, as its premise is uber-simplistic yet superbly interesting – “An exploration of working life” in all fields from people of all walks of the earth. Issue #1 features a plethora of subjects from food cart vendors to esteemed designers and yes, a friar. All-encompassing and all engaging. I suggest you pick one up where you can find a stockist.

Featuring: Milton Glaser, Steve Hindy, Rev. Billy Talen, Jonathan Olivares, Joshua Cave, Daniel Payne, Timothy Pachirat, Kristen Scharold, Benjamin Dolson, Jason Rider, Jungyeon Roh, and many others.

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