Editor’s Note | The Learning Curve

I’m not sure about you, but from time to time there is a looming question that resurfaces in our heads and bounces around berating the back of our brains: Am I progressing at the rate I hope to and if not how do I accelerate the speed of my personal learning curve? The drive is there, the desire is there, the work ethic is seemingly there but is there an end to my means? You may exert so much energy into something expecting a timely and successful outcome but more often than not, it doesn’t pan out that way or the way you imagined. The truth is, everyone advances at different speeds and moves on different wavelengths. The rate at which you progress is unimportant, the importance lies in the progression itself and your tireless efforts to do so.

The ones that are great have nearly no concept of time. Mastery loves diligence and so they plug and plug away until the light comes on. What’s always necessary is a healthy diet of repetition and an understanding that mental and tangible growth does not come in equally laid out steps. Rather it

materializes when the work you put in has accumulated enough substance and experience to take that next step. Don’t force it. That “it” is applicable to whatever end you have in your sights. As long as you always attach your practices to the end goal, “it” will inevitably come to fruition. To all of my fellow late-bloomers, I encourage you to trust the divine design and let these things come to you with experience. Do not be fooled. Speed is not always a factor.

Maybe I’m not qualified to dish out any words of advice, but if I was to lend some considerations for the new year it would be to ignore the outside chatter, the trends, the popular, the obvious, the now. Quit trying to keep up with the Jones’ or the people who are making a lane of their own. Instead set your own pace, at your own speed and see how far that gets you in 2013. As for us, we’re edging closer and closer to staking claim on our niche. We’re turning the corner on the learning curve and we hope you are too, and that you do so on your own terms however long it may take.

All the best this New Year,

Justin Lintag
Co-Founder & Chief Editor

  • Matt C

    That was a very well written and inspirational note. It had a lot of wisdom, but was delivered in a very modest fashion. A pleasure to read.

    Good job