Ghettotek Mondays: Wake & Beats No. 100

WAKE THE F*CK UP! WAKE & BEATS no. 100 is gracing your eardrums. We have been going strong from Jan 2, 2011 to Dec 3, 2012 and as I’m about to enter the century stage I’d just like to give thanks and love to the HUE team for giving me a segment to share my music. An even bigger thanks to all of my heavy W&B listeners every week. Thanks for liking, tweeting and sharing my beats, it’s been a pleasure thus far. #100 will end the first chapter of Wake&Beats, I’m going to take a very short hiatus in the lab as we’re conjuring up a new format. For the finale this week I meshed two joints, Al Green’s classic drum sample from ‘I’m Glad Your Mine’ and a number of vocal elements from Quadron – ‘Day’. Kept it ultra simple with a nice edge to it, ya dig? Back in a jiff folks, peace be with you ya bish.