Useful Items from Labour and Wait

Since 2000, Labour and Wait has been a purveyor of sensible, useful, everyday household items. With a focus on timelessness, the range of products they carry have no sense of seasonal trends and with age only seem to gain more character. From hardware to soft goods and accessories, this East London establishment offers products that celebrate functional design that are simple and honest.

A. Wall Mounted Bottle Opener
Cast Steel. Dimensions: 8cm x 7cm. Mounting screws included. Aside from maybe a screwdriver or a hammer, what is the one tool that every man needs in his home? A heavy duty bottle cracker no? Mount one or maybe even a few of these in your sweet spots around the house. Sure to score you points at your next backyard function.
$13 USD – Purchase: HERE

B. Spotted Handkerchiefs
100% Cotton. Dimensions: 55cm x 55cm. Handkerchiefs, neckerchiefs and bandanas. Everyone’s got them, but it’s the pattern that counts. I actually picked up a few of these from Labour and Wait and they’ve been happily adorning my pockets for some time now.
$8 USD – Purchase: HERE and HERE.

C.Computer Brush
Made of wood. 27cm. I’m not sure if this is an old fashioned method or a new school invention but it seems mighty useful. This wooden computer brush has two sides: pig bristles to clean between the keys and soft goat hair for the screen to help prevent static charge. Simple, easy and effective.
$31 USD – Purchase: HERE

D. Blackboard
Handmade in Germany. Dimensions: 50.5cm x 36cm x 9cm. Chalk and sponge eraser included. This minimalist blackboard is the perfect size for daily notes and messages in your office, home or kitchen. No fuss, no frills and a welcome addition to any work or living space.
$86 USD – Purchase: HERE