The Fader | Interview: Andre 3000

The folks over at the Fader caught up with the hermit of hip-hop, Andre 3K, for a telling little Q&A. Andre’s been another one of those rap enigmas, à la Lauryn Hill or that other Andre who’s teased us for oh, just about 13+ years, who will leap in and out of hip hop circles at their own free will. Rap nerds know that Andre 3 Stacks has kept himself ginsu sharp over the years even without an album since ’03 (let’s not include Idlewild please), and it’s only a matter of time before he gets that spark to deliver us another genre-bending, mind-contorting classic. They catch up with him to talk expectations, songwriting, the Gorillaz and getting back on the rap wagon.

Link: The Fader | Interview: Andre 3000