Ghettotek Sundays: “Wake & Beats #60″

Good afternoon. W&B heads, I present to you.. NO.60! This beat is called Trifecta! Origin of the name came from making this beat on my iPhone. Had 3 sound elements, the synth pad, base and the drums. So 3 is the magic number. Using the iMaschine on your iPhone isn’t that bad. You can make a drum beat on the road and then come back to your studio to finish the beat. Transferring files from comp to phone is pretty easy but it can crash if you upload too much. Just keep it to a minimum. The beat came out jazzy at first and then started getting eerie with the synths. It was weird but it sounded dope. Added that nice thump kick to bump it up and layered that snap snare. In the beginning of the beat you hear a little piano sample of The Three Sounds – Angel Eyes. Enjoy the beat. Download it, rap to it, sing to it, criticize it. Enjoy your Sunday. Meditate. Peace.