GlobeHOP | Port-Landin’

Months ago, you might’ve seen the Rose city through our extensive roll of Live Blogging and whatnot. We’re finally back in action to show you some full fledged travel documentation, and I don’t mean Ron’s old passport (see Commercial #1). We’ve managed to condense what should have been a Part I and Part II of our two separate Portland trips into one long episode to add to our West coast travels.

6-hour long road trips packed in a sort-of-spacious Volvo can only breed a bunch of anxiety and a ton of hilarity. You know, we haven’t really globe-hopped off the North American continent just yet, but we always seem to make the absolute best out of our 3-day mini adventures. From attending Portland’s very first edition of TEDx to visiting/partying at super agency, Wieden+Kennedy to filming Tinker’s Anniversary with Nike just 2 short weeks ago, Portland’s been more than good to us. All in all it was more parts work, less parts play and that’s how we like it. We had great opportunities to shake hands with important cultural advancers, and of course we had to sneak in a little tomfoolery as well.

HueTV, Season 2 is a long ways from over. Rest assured we’ve been punching pavement on grand things that are still to come from us. Summer just started heating up..View our 3 Port-Landin’ commercials before you hit play on the episode: Prelude To Portland | F*** The (Border) Police | No Clownin\' Around

footage taken by the HUE
film edit by Mario Soriano

  • Billy So

    I am so jealous of you guys are able to meet Tinker. 
    Love you guys blog. Keep up the good work.