hueTV | Post-Game 7 Canuck Riots

Was this the legacy everyone and their mamas were hoping for last night? The entire city, according to instantaneous reports from Live newscasts, Twitter and Facebook were up in arms at the massacre of the downtown core. All following the deadly game 7 blow that Tim Thomas and the Boston Bruins dealt the Vancouver Canucks in game 7 of the 2011 NHL Finals. It seemed like just moments after, ‘nuckleheads roaming the streets began raising terror like a bunch of overgrown toddlers who just realized that their birthday gift wishes were not coming true. In turn, the focus of these Finals has immediately turned away from the actual sport and put on the idiocy of Canuck “fans”. In minutes, a dispirited city of fans saw gangs of delinquents lose their shit. Committing arson, looting, vandalism, etc.

HueTV footage and more photos in the cut.

We booted it down there from our spot on West 4th to catch the mayhem and what we were able to capture was ‘nucking futs. In no way does any division of theHUE condone this type of nonsense, but we do try to be advocates of documenting the good, bad and ugly truth. I’d think ’94 would be warning enough but it seems the VPD still underestimated the power of reckless youngsters gone wild. Pockets of downtown seriously looked like a third world country in the middle of war.

Have a glance at the scene before our eyes, packs of hooligans and hundreds of bystanders doing damage on our beautiful city…To those left innocently injured as a result of these riots, we pray for your recovery.