Toothpick Sculptures by Steven J. Backman

Steven J. Backman is a San Francisco native who has been creating toothpick sculptures since he was a child. While attending San Francisco State University in the fall of 1984, where he later received a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Industrial Arts, he decided to design a San Francisco cable car out of toothpicks and glue. After finishing the project, he created more of them in various sizes. Soon after he realized that this was a way to show his appreciation for these mobile historical landmarks and then established his toothpick art business known as “Landmarks of San Francisco”.

Soon after he created a toothpick sculpture of the Golden Gate Bridge. He started it on January of ’85 and completed it in April of ’87. It ended up being 13 feet long and consists of 30,000 toothpicks. He gained tons of media attention and his now famous bridge sculpture is on display at the ‘Ripley’s Believe It or Not!’ museum in Hollywood, California.

His passion for toothpicks has led him to creating other amazing sculptures. His latest solo exhibition was featured in the lobby of the Empire State Building from March to May of ’06. To this day, Steven is building and constantly pushing the boundaries of modern and abstract sculptures with toothpicks.

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